Facebook Live simply made it easier to broadcast video games for your pals. Here is the way to get it done.

Facebook Live is not only for vlogging and funny cat movies — it is also turning into a workable Twitch choice for aspiring video game streamers.

The huge social network now enables anyone using a Facebook accounts to go via outside resources from a PC, which means that you can use your streaming program of choice to create professional-grade broadcasts which immediately get blasted to a countless Facebook friends.

You will want to understand how to use a streaming program like OBS or even XSplit to benefit from the feature. To get a thorough breakdown of these programs, have a look at our Twitch streaming tutorial — the measures are mostly the same; you will only be sending your feed Facebook rather than Twitch.

If you are searching to discuss your gameplay antics right to your Facebook feed, then here is how to begin.




  1. Choose where you would like your stream submitted (like in your timeline or within a group) and click on Next.


  1. Copy the flow key and (if desired ) the host URL in your streaming program of alternative .


  1. Give your flow a title , and define the game you are playing.


  1. Click on Start Streaming on your streaming program of choice. Should you require assistance establishing your streaming program, then click here.


  1. When you find a trailer of your flow on Facebook, click on Go Live.

You will have the ability to observe your chat room directly from Facebook, and may observe a feed of your flow to be certain everything’s working correctly. It is also possible to download movies of your broadcasts whenever they have finished.


Additional Options

Remember this is not the only means to go dwell on Facebook. Blizzard games like Overwatch and Hearthstone have built-in Facebook Live integration, and Nvidia’s GeForce Experience enables you to broadcast pretty much any PC game into the social media with a couple clicks.

When these choices are more suitable, using external resources is the thing to do for aspiring experts who wish to fine tune the appearance and feel of the broadcasts with overlays, multiple camera angles and much more.

Promote your live streaming

Promoting an event will be able to help you draw a bigger audience. Below are a few quick pointers that will assist you begin.

Before case

Create a station preview or teaser video to market the function.

Share your streaming connection at least 48 hours prior to going live.

Connect your social networking accounts to a station for simple sharing.

Create a custom article to your readers and social networking websites. The message will article, for example, event connection, if the Public occasion goes live.

In the Stream Now expertise, discuss the persistent connection across social networking. Youtube.com/user/[channelname]/live

Embed the URL onto your site and send the links to sites that might want to exhibit your articles.

Create a Live Section to exhibit live and upcoming events on your own station.

Apply optimization methods to your station and videos.

During case

Feature the occasion for new traffic to your station.

Create highlight clips of this event whenever it’s still dwell.

Note: Subscribers could be informed of your Public events within their own homepage feed.

You may also upgrade your channel artwork to add the event title, time and date.

After case

Post a record of this live event shortly after the conclusion.

Organize the archive file and highlight clips to playlists.